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Re: Dumbest Con

mervis50 wrote:

Ever heard of niche marketing? Most people would rather watch American Idol than read Dostoevsky, too.

According to your argument all cameras should be exactly alike.
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This is not about niche marketing. The point of mirrorless camera is to be as compact as possible. It is like a compact car market, a car manufacturer would not want to make a car that is larger than the competition in compact car market, even tough it is just a little bit larger because it will defeat the purpose of being compact. Compact car will be judged by it compactness just like a mirrorless camera is judged by its size.

Pentax can make their own niche by making a larger mirorrless, but will it work? It is not good for pentax to target a niche market from a camera business stand point, their should target general population as a whole and what they like.

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