m4/3 photos win ASMP - NJ juried show

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Guy Parsons
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Adding grain.

Great set of shots, congratulations on your success.

And yes, waiting for the right moment in a shot can waste some time - no way I'd survive travelling with a bus tour group. Luckily my wife also tends to wait for the right scene to emerge so we waste time together - and enjoy what is going on around us during that wait.

Ednaz wrote:

...... After cropping and sizing, before printing, I add grain. Used to use the Photoshop filter, but Nik produces better looking grain with a ton more control. Not a lot of it - at a level where you have to know it's there and get really close to the print to find it. It gets rid of the weird flat digital look in areas with low detail (like skies). Every professional fine art photographer I know and admire does this; I learned it years ago when I apprenticed myself to a very well known NY photographic printer for several months. It adds to perceived detail (just like grain in film does) and reduces the impact of what digital noise might be there.

Now I need to go and send Joe Mama/Joe Josephs/Great Bustard here as he told me I was silly to talk about needing to add noise/grain to prints to avoid the digital look.

Regards........ Guy

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