Help on perplexing PS issue

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rpenmanparker Contributing Member • Posts: 648
Re: Help on perplexing PS issue

Tman wrote:

i misspoke. the basic resolution for the background canvas file and the two image files are identical. the canvas file is much large in dimension to hold the two smaller image files.

I spent more time trying to get this to work. It's not working.

So, just to be clear, you are sure your new canvas is at least twice as large as each of the two images which you want to combine on it. Not just the way it appears on the screen, but actual pixel or inch dimensions. I would go into each image and carefully resize them to be precisely the right pixel and inch dimensions. Then resize the new canvas (or at least check it) to be sure it is big enough to hold both of the other two.

By the way, I use the much maligned Paint Shop Pro X4 and it has a page layout function that makes this chore dead simple, a total non-issue. Also I think it is croutinely done in QImage. Go figure.


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