What's your favorite body for discreet street?

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Re: What's your favorite body for discreet street?

I like the Pentax K7/K5 for street. Relatively small-ish DSLR, with the quietest shutter I've ever heard on a DSLR. The K5's is almost as quiet as the Leica M9's shutter, methinks. Despite being smaller than the 7D and D300, they're heavier than they look though, but I've carried my K7 around for 8-10 hours while walking around, with minimal problems (I don't use a strap)

Plus, Pentax has a lot of great small primes - (the Limiteds) - that are perfect for street photography - mainly the DA 15mm, DA 21mm and even a 40mm pancake should you wish to shoot with a longer FL.

They K7/K5 are weather sealed too, and for under USD $200, you can get a weather resistant 18-55 kit lens, which is always nice to have in the bag, so you can keep shooting if you get caught without an umbrella in a downpour.

Personally, I don't really worry about AF speed when shooting street, since I just zone focus. Much faster, and I don't really have to worry about missing focus, even in poor light.

Cheers, keep shooting.

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