Video Editing Software - any thoughts ?

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bill hansen Veteran Member • Posts: 8,819
Re: Video Editing Software - any thoughts ?

I've been using Cyberlink Power Director 10, which has all the tools you mention and quite a few more. It's less expensive than Sony Vega. There's going to be a learning curve with any video editing program, but it's time very well spent.

Cy is correct that the small sensor size of almost any consumer or "prosumer" camcorder will have far less dynamic range than you're used to with your DSLR, or even with your "compact" P&S still camera. Even so, very decent video can be obtained in either standard def or hi def from a camcorder, after careful editing.

(Hint - standard def is "definitely" harder than AVCHD, to process into decent video. It can be quite good, but it will never be identical to what you get from your still camera.)
Bill Hansen
Ithaca NY, USA

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