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Re: Old but good cameras, one of the Nikon system strengths

I have a D5000, but seeing your post reminds me that here is one HUGE strength of the Nikon system, that you can always buy a good used camera cheaply if your own goes bunk.

Per stated 'ratings' at major sellers, you can get a good used body as follow:

D300 $850 OR $900
D300 $450 OR $500

Others, such as D5100 $550 and all less.

So, if you have a few lenses and your camera crashes, there is always a great replacement readily available....and more being made available by the new releases, making the older generations cheaper.

A major plus of the Nikon system.

Thinking further, I wonder if this is one of the drivers of the Canon loyalty program i.e., ensure that people return used cameras to limit the used bodies knocking around, which give buyers too many alternatives? i.e. what they trade the used cameras for could be made up in the new camera margins?

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