Refurbished lens from Sigma outlet--anyone have experience?

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Re: Refurbished lens from Sigma outlet--anyone have experience?

brazile wrote:

Like Tom, I bought a refurbished 50/2.8. It was functional when it arrived, but did not work well with the AF on my SD15. Didn't try the SD14. I sent the lens and the body, along with a batch of other lenses, back to Sigma for calibration -- which I'd been procrastinating about for some time. They came back about a week later. The 50 worked fine at that point, and some of the other lenses were noticeably improved in terms of AF performance. One they didn't do anything to, but it had always worked reasonably well.

There was a small charge for the lenses that were out of warranty, but the in-warranty ones were free. I'm happy enough.


I'm in more or less the same boat. The refurbished lens I bought from Sigma arrived yesterday, and the shipping box it came in had obvious signs of being dropped at least twice during shipment. Can't blame that on Sigma. Every carrier is pushed to the limits lately, so damage isn't uncommon.

Anyway, the AF on the lens is way out when used on my SD15s, no doubt a result of being dropped during shipping, so it will be going back for repair or replacement. The good news is that I am not worried at all about how Sigma will resolve the issue.

Within a very short time after I emailed them about the problem, Kim Westbay from their sales department replied with full return instructions, plus an offer to send a prepaid return label, also assuring me that the refurbished lens was under warranty.

This is exactly the way all my transactions with Sigma have been handled over the past nine years or so ... no hassles ... no inconsistencies depending on who replies to you or what phase the Moon is in ... just solid s-e-r-v-i-c-e.

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