Wording for a proposal - Extras

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Re: Wording for a proposal - Extras

Say it out plainly without hiding behind rhetoric:

  • additional work not contained in this proposal is acceptable with suitable negotiated remuneration.

It really does depend on what it is - if I was taking corporate shots of groups and they then wanted individual shots I'd say sure, but these are charged as individual sales of the photographs and not contained in the original price for this job.

Then you just charge them a normal fee for the individual photos, say £40 per 8x10" unframed (or whatever).

dad_of_four wrote:

I am submitting a bid, and want to add a catch-all bullet-point stating something similar to:

  • Other activities as requested

It needs to be general enough for any activity, but yet not leave me holding the bag (and expense) of some future activity. In other words, I wanna say: Hey, I am willing to do extra work not contained in the proposal, but I expect to be paid for it

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