IS for flash macro?

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Re: IS for flash macro?

Dr. Leonard wrote:

Is there a point to having an IS macro lens if flash is used as the main light source? And also I wonder if using macro hand held really benefits from IS since any movement is so exaggerated. I'm looking at Canon's 100mm macros - the one with IS is quite a bit more expensive.

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I'm using in-body stabilisation and in my experience it does make a difference even for macro shots, but when using flash it won't really matter. Unless you're using flash mixed with ambient and happen to get "ghosting", the double exposure effect, where flash exposed part is sharp and the longer ambient-exposed part is a bit blurry... might make a little difference there.

But if you're planning to always shoot macro with a flash, I might save the money if it's a big price difference for the IS.

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