Existing Ambient Light in Potential Home Studio Space

Started May 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
Don89 Senior Member • Posts: 1,510
Re: Existing Ambient Light in Potential Home Studio Space

So, in summary,

f-stop controls your flash and shutter speed controls ambient. I really like using flash outdoors. Keeping ISO the same, I alter for taste using aperture and Shutter speed. If not tasty enough, I'll use an ND filter.

So we all forgot ND filters, but that does not add to complexity, just control. That might be a consideration as well for an over-ambient situation. Just be careful of the ND filter. Some really impact sharpness.

Sorry, did not realize this was not simple control of the photog's environment. Read up. Plenty of sources out there to study. Simple as Barries extended efforts.

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