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Rand 47 wrote:

Oh, and I seem to remember something about the customer always being.... what is that now????

They are also emotional and pre-occupied on the day.

I've had customers with strange requests - like a so-called 'fun' shot of the bride and groom 1/2 naked - pestered me to take it.. i did, then in the cold light of the next two weeks preparing their album, it became "why did you talk us into THAT photo!???"

Luckily I only had 2 of those.. the bridal glamour shots were always (95%) taken, semi nude, and always loved afterwards.

Another wanted photos like from Titanic (they had a large yacht loaned to them for the wedding) - I did ALL I could, but the bride was 35-ish with a sleeveless dress and she complained about floppy arm flaps later on.

So, NO, the customer is NOT always right - they pay us for our skill and expertise, if that expertise says the photo shouldn't be taken then it shouldn't'.

I'd try and dissuade them politely, if they insist then I'd make sure they know I think it's a bad idea..

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Only a sad fool invests their self-worth in a camera! You know who you are...

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