Fuji X10 to NX100, is it an upgrade?

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Re: What about EX1 / TL 500 to NX100, is it an upgrade?

My NX100 didn't have loose wheels, and my 20-50mm iFn ring isn't, either.

While a kit lens with 3.5 max aperture won't match a 2.0 or wider lens in terms of light ratio on paper, the MUCH larger sensor on the NX will more than makes up for the difference in terms of overall image quality and ability to push higher ISO. I don't own an EX1 but from samples I've seen here and elsewhere, 400 is the absolute maximum I'd boost the sensor on that camera. Meanwhile, an NX100 can easily produce workable shots as high as ISO-3200.

The 14MP sensor in the older NX cameras was grossly underrated due to poor JPEG high ISO processing, but the RAWs are outstanding. There's no way an EX1 could come close to this:

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