14-24mm photojournalism lens?

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Re: 14-24mm photojournalism lens?

I just rented both the 14-24mm and 16-35mm this past weekend (in order to see which I like best for purchase).

Both lenses are very, very sharp, but the 14-24mm pulls away slightly as being an all-around better performer in all areas.

In my experience, the PJ-type photos I take are almost always in bars, restaurants, and clubs where the lighting is very poor and not a person is standing still. Case in point, this past weekend we rented a cabin in the mountains with a pool table and while the 16-35mm was certainly a great performing lens for capturing this subject, the 14-24mm's extra bit of larger aperture makes a big difference in freezing action (people using pool cues, etc.) The VR in the 16-35mm is a phenominal feature (and works better than some VR systems in other lenses I've used). However, nothing freezes action better than large apertures...

The 14-24mm is a BEAST of a lens. Weights 1 kilogram and you will most certainly notice it's heft on your forearm before 5 minutes have passed.

The 16-35mm is incredibly light (around 600g), but it's build quality makes me wonder if it would last past 15 years. However, for PJ-type photos, the fact that this lens zooms to 35mm is HUGE! In my opinion, 35mm is one of the most versatile focal lengths for PJ-type shots.

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