A confession

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Re: A confession

Funny thing is, you address an answer to me, the OP - and when I respond to that, you accuse me of butting into a conversation to play 'forum cop'.

Anyway. I don't want to get into an argument, as I wrote this to entertain, not to start some silly internet flame war. I thought your tone was a bit off, said so, then later accepted that you might not have meant it to sound that way. Not much more to add to that, really.

Enjoy your weekend!

rattymouse wrote:

MattiusGB wrote:

I never understand why there is so much negativity on forums. Chaps, can we not have a mediocum of decorum?

Some people have nothing better to do than be forum cop. It kills them to watch others engage in a conversation so they make any excuse necessary to try to break it up.

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