Photoshoot for Crtique ,

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Re: Photoshoot for Crtique ,

I'll try to answer all of you in one reply,

First of all thanks for the C&C and tips highly appreciated,

For the both setup only 1 flash was used Off camera triggered by the pop up flash,

The problem with the double shadow and the conflicting shadows are coming from me not looking at the sync speed of the pop-up flash which is at 1/160 and can be 'deactivated' at 1/200, now that i look at the exif i see that its below that hence the shadows, should've seen this at the shoot but didn't thanks for pointing them out

  1. 1 & 2 a Stand was used and pop up flash as the trigger,

  2. 3,4,5, hand held of camera, with pop up flash as the trigger

Next time i will use a diffuser or try bouncing the flash.
Better positioning and angle for the flash,
and keep them from looking left when left of the background,

These shots weren't made with emotion and purpose behind them hence the lake in an emotion, will create a better environment and more of a story next time around. Agreed with the best picture but bad conversation.

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