Question for you with both m43 and SLR systems - lens choices

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Re: Question for you with both m43 and SLR systems - lens choices

I want to take as little gear with me as possible whenever I take my camera with me, so my goal is to build a setup that fullfills most of my needs but is still as light as possible.

What my DSLR setup is way better than OM-D at is photographing my black dog at play. So when I want to photograph my dog playing, I take my DSLR with a telephoto lens and sometimes OM-D with a standard zoom lens just to be able to catch pretty much anything, if something comes up that the telephoto lens can't handle.

I suspect you bought OM-D because you don't want to carry that large 5D setup everywhere. If you want to take a lighter setup with you most of the time, build your OM-D kit so that you can leave 5D home most of the time and build your 5D kit so that it shines where OM-D struggles.

If it's ok for you to carry 5D around most of the time, but need the portability in specific occasions, build your setups accordingly. Make the 5D an all arounder and build the OM-D kit so that it does it's job when you need it.

What I find useful is that if I my DSLR does something way better than my OM-D and I need to take that DSLR with me, I take OM-D also with one lens that is pretty different than the one I have on my DSLR. That way I don't have to change lenses, but I still have more versatile setup with not that much of more weight (compared to the DSLR alone).

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