Help on perplexing PS issue

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Re: Help on perplexing PS issue

Tman wrote:

i misspoke. the basic resolution for the background canvas file and the two image files are identical. the canvas file is much large in dimension to hold the two smaller image files.

I spent more time trying to get this to work. It's not working.

I have never tried dragging in PS (perhaps it is a Mac thing), so I don’t know how that works but don’t know why the technique should affect the result. But just in case it is the dragging, have you tried just copying and pasting the images into the larger canvas?

Another thing to try would be doubling the canvas size of one of the two images, and then copying the other image into the larger canvas.

Just out of interest, how do you drag an image onto another image? When I have the layers palette open I can only see that image; where would I drag it to?

Brian A

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