Stacking color conversion and polarizing filters?

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Re: Stacking color conversion and polarizing filters?

Michael Fryd wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

. … my question …

In stacking a circular polarizer with an 80B filter, which filter should go on the outside and which closest to the lens?

If you are using the 80B filter in an attempt to reduce sensor noise, you should compensate for the light loss by opening the aperture. If you compensate by increasing the ISO, you will be adding more noise that the 80B might have removed.

I wouldn’t consider increasing ISO, but probably would have increased the exposure duration to compensate.

Thanks for your reply. I had actually forgotten about the original post, the thread had moved on to questioning just how much difference the 80A/B filter would make. And since my test (see above) showed no noticeable differences between shooting with and without a colour correction filter, the question of filter order becomes moot.

Brian A

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