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Re: Ouch: 69%

Pentax_Prime wrote:

DPR summed it up precisely as most experienced users did here on day 1:

"The Pentax K-01 is a bit of an odd duck. It's a mirrorless camera that's as big as digital SLRs, which sort of defeats the purpose of being mirrorless in the first place."

Pro :

"Photographers who want a camera that'll garner attention and take great photos, who don't mind its size and below average performance ."

Con :

"People who take photos of moving subjects, or who want the main benefit of a mirrorless camera: a compact body."

Speaking of size, here's the comparison with GH2 ( http://camerasize.com/compare/#285,166 ) which is a MILC and not a DSLR. I guess GH2 should defeat the purpose of being a mirrorless camera even more than K-01 but it is not being criticized for it.

I am not sure what exactly they mean by below average performance and why they think that you can't take photos of moving subjects. If you turn off the start-up screen, the camera starts up fast, shot-to-shot speed is pretty good with a fast card and using MF with focus peaking, you can focus very fast on the moving subjects. I don't typically photograph a lot of moving subjects but I found out that the camera does (what I consider) reasonably well in such cases.

IOW, my actual experience (and from what I read of others as well) doesn't match the review conclusions.

And the main reason to go mirrorless is not the small size (appropriateness of size is so individual) but to get rid of mirror. Mirror was needed for the film cameras. It is irrelevant for digital cameras. And getting rid of it gives the manufacturers the freedom to design the cameras they want for the modern age. Modern camera shouldn't really be a replica of an old one. It should just take great photos.

And complaints about ergonomics are rather artificial. There's this preconceived notion that a camera should have a particular grip to be ergonomic. Film cameras didn't have it and they were fine. Other digital cameras don't have it and they are fine. And K-01 is fine as well. If you actually use it, that is.

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