ISO-samples EOS-1D X and 2,8/24-70 mm L II

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Overcaffeinated New Member • Posts: 9
Re: ISO-samples EOS-1D X and 2,8/24-70 mm L II

What banding? Maybe I'm doing this wrong, but the only place I saw horrible quality was on the cap of one of the highlighter things in the photo:

But even then, that's with the exposure pushed 4 stops on a basically all-black object, with contrast, vibrance, and saturation pushed all the way up to make it really apparent. To me this seems totally irrelevant.

Am I not seeing what you're seeing?

goosel wrote:

They say a 99% final version of the 1DX no information about what/how. But they do have test shots with the new 24-70 LII.

Look good but at 12800 i'm seeing what looks like magenta-green banding despite the fairly heavy NR

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