Why 28mm f/1.8G?

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Re: Why 28mm f/1.8G?

The new 28/1.8 is perfect for me.

I'm 100% amateur, and don't get for paid for any of my photography, so lens cost is definitely a factor (fine line balance between the zeiss'es and the tamrons).

Now that i've moved to FX (used D700), this new gem completes my prime collection :

wide : 28/1.8G ($700, still in pre-order)
normal : 50/1.4D (eBay sourced for $250)
tele : 135/2 DC (eBay sourced for $1000)

Then 2 more zooms (used 17-35/2.8 and new 28-300) if I need the widest or longest shots.

I feel that the new 28/1.8 might just become my favorite walk around lens. Light weight, wide, fast, sharp, Nano coating (the single cheapest Nikon lens with label), and gold ring ... all for $700. Definitely a winner to me.

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