Why 28mm f/1.8G?

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Re: Why 28mm f/1.8G?

hoof wrote:

I think there are two possibilities:

1) If you believe the rumors (based on a recent patent application by Nikon), a 20 or 18mm F/1.8G is in the works. If so, 20/28/50/85 is a better spacing than 20/24/50/85.

As lenses go wider or longer, their speeds have to slow or else costs go stratospheric.

A hypothetical AFS 20/1.8G is going to be the same league as 24/35/85 1.4G, and probably costs $2500-3000. Even Leica's f/1.4 offerings only go out to 21mm.

I think Nikon has way too many antiquated offerings in their catalog that needs updating before considering a 20/1.8.

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