First 5D Mark III Portrait

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Re: First 5D Mark III Portrait

JohnMatrix wrote:
Good grief. Only on these forums!

Pimpleportrait wrote:

Hard to say with this size but it appears that parts of his jacket seems to be sharper than the eyes.

No, he has a point. I did not micro adjust the lens yet, I always wait to take a few "real life" snapshots before doing so. I notice front focusing on almost all my pictures, and I yet have to master the AF system.

I was also moving a little bit because of the uncomfortable position I was in. I had to keep one hand above the lens to keep the rain away.

As for PP, all done in LR 4. I one thing I like to do is have a cold background and warm skin tones. I also recovered his face (half a stop perhaps) and desaturated the whole thing.
Oh, and the lens was Canon's EF-50mm 1.4

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