Fuji XPro/Xtrans a mistake?

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Re: Marketplace definition

Again, I'm talking about marketplace success. I.e. it or its successor is around in the future.

RealXenuis wrote:

That obviously depends on what we think of as "successful". In terms of happiness of present owners, it seems it's already a success. Also, the sensor and the cost are not necessarily driving it's success or adoption either. It's a complicated rubric and I doubt any of us ultimately have the wisdom to deem whether the sensor is a "success' or not. Certainly, many differing arguments can be made and defended pretty easily.

liquid stereo wrote:

You're right - absolute performance is important. However, in the marketplace, it is the relative performance (and cost) that will dictate whether the Xtrans sensor is successful or not.

boinkphoto wrote:

The metric of all the evaluations of the Xtrans sensor seem to be "compared to X sensor at a pixel level, the other is better". No one seems to be saying anything about whether they like the output or the actual perceived effect of the output/sensor.

All I know, and this generally includes at 100%, I like the output. That isn't true of many other cameras for me.

It is true, there are some minimums that owners may need and perhaps this does not provide it. Personally I'm not seeing the issue(s) but I certainly grant that is a possibility.

To me it's sort of like comparing two paintings and saying one is better because the artist used better technique while never even discussing whether you like the paintings or not.

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