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Re: Fortunately, I've only shot one Wedding


Great pix of Chato...looks like a polar bear next to the little fella!

Chato wrote:

MrMojo wrote:

tessar 75 wrote:

Eg. Bad weather.

lateness of participants,bad make up. people fainting , flat tires , not being allowed access on planned location because of Chinese government VIPs visiting the spot,family arguments,car getting locked in the church car park,

Catering not being cooperative with photographer.spraining ankle; drunk and unruly guests/bridal party, bush fires , power blackouts etc etc.

Thank You for reminding me why I gave up photographing weddings in 1994...

Both the bride and the groom were satisfied, and even though they told all their freinds, I never got any additional business...

Two months later they divorced, citing, err, certain "physical incompatiblities."

"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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