Underwater housing for the Oly EM-5 -- hold your breath

Started May 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
Scot Kight Regular Member • Posts: 134
Re: Underwater housing for the Oly EM-5 -- hold your breath

Honestly, this is the reason I haven't and probably won't end up purchasing the omd. Love the camera, but if the underwater case is 1300 bucks, not a chance.

To be frank, the oly cases are "nice" but not amazing and would be well worth 500 dollars. I find the charge they are throwing at all of the different levels to be astoundingly high and just there to gouge the customer. There is nothing that they could do to make this new case worth 1300 and combined with the cost of the body/ports... no way. I'll just stick with my 10bar and gf2 combo. Heck, even Canon, which isn't known for bargain basement pricing, keeps their underwater cases for the s/g series at very reasonable prices.

Maybe 10bar will come out with a case for the omd. I bet they will, won't be as nice as the nauticam to be sure, but they work well.

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