Upgraded to a 5DIII from a D700

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Re: Upgraded to a 5DIII from a D700

The colors look just like I see, which is why I prefer Canon to Nikon.. Not to say that it is possible to tweak, but rarely do I observe others getting the same colors from the Nikon. Its really too bad Canon didn't MSRP the 5DIII at $3K. Then they would be having a supply issue like Nikon. All local shops have the 5DIII in stock whereas D800 remains scarce. Excellent choice regardless what the fanatics say. 22mp is quite adequate. When Canon does introduce a 42mp camera, thankfully there will be sRaw to save us from unnecessary bloated sizes when less is better.

aftab wrote:

Your family seems to be very happy with your decision too.

Lovely image. Great light and colors. Excellent balance of sharpness and oof background. And great models too. Please share more pictures and experience.
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