Anyone use wireless strobe [flash] triggers on a KM7D?

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Re: Anyone use wireless strobe [flash] triggers on a KM7D?

Thanks Jim.

I've ordered a new hot shoe adapter which explicitly states in the description that it can be used for wireless triggers. It somehow implied to me that there may be some hot shoe adapters out there which aren't compatible.

Fingers crossed.

So do Cactus make triggers which fit straight onto the KM7D, and also into generic brand flashes?

[I'll Google it in parallel to waiting for a response].

And no worries about the fish/bowl - happy to go along with any story you need to make up


Jim N'AZ wrote:

Simon, Yes, I use Cactus V5 triggers successfully on my 7D with various flash units.

Here's a quick pic I shot just now w/7D + Cactus V5 triggers after reading your post tonight.

I have not used your brand triggers on the 7D. My Cactus triggers work on my Nikon D300 and my Canon dslr as well. I use Vivitar (283, 285), Sunpak 622's and as you see in this pic, Nissin 866. All work with Cactus on all three brand cameras w/o any issues.

My bet would be your triggers if all else checks out. IOW, if the flash is working on top of your adapter, then that pretty well eliminates all three of those pieces of hardware (camera, flash and adapter) as being the problem. It strikes me that your triggers "should" work with the same brand/mfg flash units you have, so maybe the trigger(s) (perhaps just one?) is faulty? Lemme' know what you find out, okay?

BTW, please help me out if my wife finds out I fired a flash at her beloved Siamese fighting fish AND let the world see her water spotted fishbowl... 'Cause I will be in deep dodo if that happens
Regards, Jim
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