To Raw or not to Raw.. that is the question

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Re: To Raw or not to Raw.. that is the question

I didn't have problems either - until recently! I'm not using Lightroom either, but CS5.

Both Fuji and OSX data generated JPEGs are fine - but now CS5 is giving me either under or over exposed previews and of course start-point data to save as jpegs. Big hassle.

Another thread in this forum HAS pointed out similar issues with LR4 (i.e. in profiles) so perhaps your/our 'mileage' varies. Why? I've yet to isolate a cause and currently too busy to do so. Hoped someone had seen similar results with latest X100 firmware/ACR upgrades and found a solution.

pkincy wrote:

I don't see an issue with using RAW with the X100 at all.

I shoot both and most of the time will PP what images I like in LR4.

The issue is the XPro 1 and the newly released RAW processor seems to be not so good. Time will tell.


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