Tips and tricks for setting up the OM-D E-M5

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Re: Tips and tricks for setting up the OM-D E-M5

Also I think that if you are shooting in low burst mode, then one shot may just miss focus, but the next one may have caught up and be right ? Also if you have a smaller aperture, then what is not in focus at the time of focusing (the camera focus with a fast aperture I believe ?) may still be right in the final picture due to more DOF.

Macx wrote:

I think this comes down as a question of style, really. The reasoning behind using shutter priority with C-AF is that for "action photography" it's more important to get the shot off at the exact right moment than it is to get focus lock, and that "near misses" are more acceptable than a late shot or no shot at all. As you write, your mileage may vary, and I'm certainly no expert on the field.

AV Janus wrote:

Thanks for taking your time and writing this down for posterity.

The only thing I never did get is this function for C-AF: "set Release Priority to On"
Why to ON?
This will only cause your shutter to fire when AF is not locked.

And this is different in CDAF cameras than in phase AF ones. In CDAF and C-AF the image hunts more widely and gives you even more chance of ending up with a OOF frame than in PDAF DSLR.

Say you are in burst and want say 4fps. It fires those 4FPS no mater if it is locked or not if you have Release Priority to On. If you don't have luck all your frames could be OOF. ymmv

If you set Release Priority to OFF than you might not get exactly 4fps, but all frames should be theoretically sharp. ymmv

Am I way off in my thinking here?

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