Existing Ambient Light in Potential Home Studio Space

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andrewbdub wrote:

How much ambient light is too much in a studio?

I've recently moved to a house that has a room big enough to hold a home studio. However, the room does have a reasonable amount of ambient light, about 90% of which comes from West-facing floor-to-ceiling windows. I could get some dark curtains or external shading for these windows, but would still be left with some light coming in via a skylight, up a stairwell and through a small side widow.

I don't want to buy a set of lights, backdrops, etc only to find that I need to restrict my shooting to after sunset. Any advice, thoughts, input would be greatly appreciated.

There is too much ambient light in there for you to do controlled lighting with artificial lights. Even if an 'X' sync test yielded a black result, the high level of ambient contamination would mean your flash modelling lights were more or less useless....

.... which would make them hard to use, and even harder to learn with.

You need to install full blackout blinds or curtains (drapes) throughout, or give up on the idea of working by PLACED lighting until after dark.

However, even as an ambient-only work space you would still need some control over the light sources... for which curtains/blinds are the only practical solution.

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