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Ducky DK9008S Shine mechanical first impressions!

OK, I just took delivery of this thing. Of course, these are the first impressions and I am heavily biased as this thing was expensive but bloody hell I love it!

First of all it is a solid keyboard. It is way heavier than your typical 9.99 keyboards off the shelf. The backlit keys are nice and the brightness is adjustable. At the brightes setting this thing is ablaze. Need to dim it a couple of steps. My Logitech at the brightest does not even come near this thing.

The typing is very light especially if you do not bottom out the keys heavily. The key travel is just so tactile and schweeet! The audible feedback is loud (yes, LOUD) and I love that too. I made the right choice in Cherry blue switches.

What can I say, this thing is giving me millions of ravishing fingergasms... LOL!

If you type lightly, it's sounds like a very nice cushioned "choc choc choc choc"... type it a little harder and you go "tshack tshack tshack tshack tshack tshack RATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA....."

In case you're sharing a room this thing could drive your colleague mad I am certain...

The keycaps are not made of the PBT material in my model but even still these are drastically better than in the el cheapo, wishywashy mushy Dell (I hate it, hate it!) that I got with the new computer in the office.

I just took my Logitech Illuminated keyboard to the office and will be typing with this Ducky at home. I might just get one in the office too, as it is such a superior instrument.

So, I'm a happy camper. Everybody do yourselves a favour and get one now!


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