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Re: Send it in for an estimate.

Nikon Canada states a starter flat rate of $599 plus GST (5%) and $20 shipping for "normal breakage". I will have to cover my own shipping from this end to get it to them. I think I would add an additional 20% for unpleasant surprises beyond the basic flat charge. So an overall cost of $800 is to be anticipated.

Checking the local Kijiji there are $900 deals available. When I bought this lens 2 years back that was the price for it used including shipping, and that included an RRS collar and mounting foot. I didn't really appreciate what a good buy that was until I became adept with the beast and began to discover the potential there.

I was out the other day with the 70-200 VR, a wonderful piece of technology, but just couldn't get that "close up" that was possible with the 80-400. Starting to get withdrawal symptoms already. Out here on the Alberta plains everything is far away!

The purchase of another used unit at a good price seems the better option.

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