Dear Olympus...... Don't You Want To Sell Any OMD's ?

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Re: Dear Olympus...... Don't You Want To Sell Any OMD's ?

Ok, now I also want to chip in,

Olympus wants to sell as many cameras as they can as fast as they can, so much is sure.

Previous posters already outlined the challenges in the supply chain so I won't go to that.

We also know that Olympus needs cash, so with limited supply where do you get the most Yen for your cameras?

Do the math, check the currency exchange rates remove taxes from the european prices (always inclusive of taxes, hence the price you pay at the cashier) and then you might see that the least amount of yen come from the US at the CURRENT exchange rates.

So, if it would be me, I would try to deliver other markets with higher returns first and ship whatever is left to markets where the profits are lower, basic yielding.

So naturally if the demand is high in the low margin markets the product is supply restricted for some time. Apple started shipping their new iPad to only a handful of markets in the beginning and then over months (!!!) started to sell it in other countries as well.

I feel with everyone waiting for their delivery, waiting sucks big time.

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