First DSLR - Nikon D5100 vs. Canon EOS 600D

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Re: First DSLR - Nikon D5100 vs. Canon EOS 600D

These are taken with the K 01 which is like the new K30 DSLR in terms of image quality. #3 uses AF. The rest are MF using a variety of primes. Focus peaking is a must! 1 and 2 are using old MF primes. 3 and 4 are using an FA35/2 which is a hair better than the XS 40 that comes with the K 01. It adds a slightly more punchy/moody feel compared to the XS40. Otherwise, no difference.

One thing that is really important is that the K30, K5 and K 01 are all stabilized bodies. This allows for much lighter lenses and no need to carry a tripod.

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