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Re: Dumbest Con

Some people prefer constant live view over mirror up fix.

Many dslr nowadays have live view, so that is not one of the advantages of owning a mirorless

Some people prefer EVF over OVF.

K01 does not even have EVF

Some people want a camera which is not cumbersome but is also not awkwardly small.
It's a free world and dpr should be more flexible.

I know this is a free world but major public opinion will always win in business world. A company have to make what general public want, not what they think people would like, even tough a small minority of people might like the product but the target customer should be general public, not small group of people. If a camera manufacturer like pentax making a product that only satisfy a small group of people they will fail. Most people will want to buy the smallest possible mirrorless, that is the purpose of mirrorless camera.

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