Zuiko 75mm f1.8 Japan pricing

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Sorry for the late reply

The thread dropped off the front page before I saw your reply, and with me "out of sight = out of mind"!

Chris_in_Osaka wrote:

That's tough. On one hand it's the kind of lens I always wanted when shooting 4/3's,

Exactly. Although an f/1.4 might have been better. Too little, too late.

on the other hand there's the expense and the fact that I have lenses that can give me similar results.

There is no way I could get it now without dumping some of my Canon gear. I haven't touched my 5D Mark II in the 2 months I've owned the OM-D, and I wasn't using it much before that (usually went for the E-PL3), so it would kind of make sense to trade at least a few items in rather than have it collecting dust. On the other hand, one of the pluses of the full frame 5DII is what you can do with shallow depth of field and the kind of portraits you can take. As mentioned, I could probably get similar results with the 70-200mm f4 when you consider the equivalency, but there is no way I can get similar results with anything available for the OM-D that can match my 100mm f2, unless Oly releases a 50mm f1.

That's the thing. It's not a popular stance, but if you have another system, you do mentally convert the EFL and effective aperture in your mind between the formats.

If I need a similar AOV, I've got the 70-200/2.8 and 180/2.8, plus an old MF 200/4, all of which will give me the same DOF or shallower, if that's what I want. If I just want shallow DOF and don't need a long telephoto, I've got fast 85mm and 50/1.4 tjhat will get the job done. I think the 75/1.8 will be a nice lens, but the weight savings is not important enough for me to shell out 90,000 yen to take pictures that I can already do with the gear I have.

Anyway, I'm on the fence. It doesn't help that I really want the new Tokina 300mm mirror lens too!


....for the same price I can get one of the best lenses available for the Canon system, the 135mm f2 L.

Or you could get it second hand for as low as 68,000 yen at Kitamura :



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