my Fuji X Pro 1 love/hate/love dilemma

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Clint Dunn wrote:

I do relate to your a degree. I read a lot about the XPro-1 (and X100) before deciding to buy the XPro, so I went into the relationship 'eyes wide open' so to speak. The thing is, my Fuji is not a DSLR replacement, I kept my 5D2 and Canon glass so I don't need the XPro-1 to be a race car in rangefinder clothing.

My Fuji is a replacement for my Leica M8....which in itself was one massive compromise. All in all I am happier with the compromises of the Fuji than with the compromises of the Leica, so I am a happy camper. For me at least the AF is a non issue. I have owned some cameras with fast AF including the 7D and 1 series from Canon, but I don't need that from the Fuji.

For me the Fuji AF is just fine for a slower, deliberate style of shooting....the same as how I shot with the Leica. I feel that I was more than capable at manual focus with my M8, but I think the AF is as quick as I was with the manual focus on the Leica. Of course there are other issues to the Fuji aside from the AF capability, but that seems to be the point people like to pick on, so that is my 2 cents.


thanks much for checking it out Clint, I do like the camera more and more despite all the quirks
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