Sigma 8-16mm on NEX-7, first impressions

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Re: Sigma 8-16mm on NEX-7 - which adapter?

ProfHankD wrote:

Well, the Sigma 8-16mm is definitely a lens one has to use carefully, and I've found manual focus to be touchier than one would expect with it, but it is darned impressive.

I should also mention that f/14 is about as far stopped down as I ever go to get the edges sharper (at some cost in center sharpness). I usually use it around f/9 or wide open if I don't mind really soft corners and a super-sharp center.


I'm not interested in autofocus. I'd only need to stop down the Sigma 8-16mm that, as you noted resolves best at around f8. I'm afraid the translucent mirror of the LA-E2 would eat up a bit of quality (diffraction, etc..). Also, how does the LA-E2 controls the iris of the Sigma? Or has it it's own iris? I currently own a Sigma 8-16 for Eos that I can't stop down on my nex7, but I would buy one for Sony Alpha with the adapter if it can be sopped down.

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