OM-D Screwy IBIS ?

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Re: I know what the trouble is...

Yes, the new IBIS is amazing ... It was one of the main reasons why I bought the OM-D, on top of the other great improvements. I hope ppl don't take my posting of this issue here wrongly. I love the OM-D, apart from this one issue I encountered.

My intention for posting this issue here in the forum is simply so that others can help test and see if they experience it too, as this is a difficult issue to diagnose, and I wanted to be sure it isn't something that is only occurring on my unit.

I certainly hope it's something that can be easily fixed in firmware ... the OM-D is now my carry-everywhere cam.

Mal_In_Oz wrote:

...with this post.

It looks to me like the original post ( a different thread) and a number of contributors have dropped in and planted a bomb, quite deliberately to undermine the success of the new IBIS system. They have identified a small issue with it and by identifying it publicly on this forum in this way, they have let human nature take its course and a few will obsess over this to blow it out of proportion, unintentionally.

Like you Louis, I find the new IBIS system amazing. And any fool can see how well it works by configuring the camera to make it work while the shutter is half pressed, and then watch it do its magic. I can get keepers at even 1 second when I really try, and regularly at 1/6th on the 45mm, so it is clearly a major advance in IBIS systems.

Having said that, I do believe that Christian and Kenw have confirmed there is something not quite right in some circumstances. It would be good if Olympus can find the trouble and sort it out in a firmware update. Personally, I dont suffer from the problem so it doesn't bother me.

But I do have a theory of what is really going on. I suspect that if one axis only is held stable (say with the vertical axis held firm with the viewfinder pressed against an eye socket), and motion occurs in the other axis, then it might be fooling the IBIS logic. If this the case, then there is hope that Olympus will be able to resolve it.

Dan, your reaction is exactly what the snipers want to achieve. People overreacting to a small issue that affects only a few in limited circumstances. I suggest you test it for yourself before dismissing it so readily. It is truely amazing, and to think any different is doing yourself a disservice.

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