E-M5 Battery draining while camera is OFF!

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Re: Strange

eyedo wrote:

I've owned at least 20 compact cameras in the past 16 months trying to find the perfect one to lug around when I don't want to carry a 30 pound bag of pro gear....I've owned Oly,Panasonic,Leica,Fuji,Nikon,Canon..

Never had a battery problem with any camera battery going back to 1969..

NiMh AA's that's a different story...

Eyedo,There is always a first time for everything .. hehehe

In March 2008 bought my Olympus E-510, and two extra generic batteries (or third party as I believe you call a no-name batteries), without any kind of brand, in July last year the original Olympus battery that came with my camera, died, and the generic are still working perfectly, the three batteries I used them equally to keep the order of use.

I think that either the batteries are defective or there is a problem with the grip of the camera or in the worse cases the problem is in the battery charger, and that happened to me with a Kodak camera, the batteries did not perform 10, 30 or 50 photos and it was empty. the charger it was defective...

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