D800 banks setup

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Yes, it should work like just about every other software program

It keeps the changes until you close the file (turn off the camera) or choose to save the changes to the file (the bank)


Let's consider this. If you change a setting that's in one of the banks, what should the camera do? Ignore the change? Apply the change for one shot? Apply the change, but not remember it when you turn the camera off? It's not an easy question. Nikon chose to remember the change in the current bank. Might not suit everyone, but that was their answer to the tough question.

Suppose there were a fifth bank, called, say Temp. You switch to bank A, which applies all of A's settings. Then you change one setting, and all the settings, including the changed one, get copied to Temp, and the Temp bank becomes the active one. That way A doesn't get overwritten. What if you want to overwrite it? Perhaps you want a command which says "write Temp to A"?

It's not a simple change.

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