Upgraded to a 5DIII from a D700

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Re: What if a 24mp FF D600 is released?

joema1 wrote:

Mazevision wrote:

I could switch to canon for its 5D3 too, the specs are just about perfect, but I much prefer the Nikon ergonomy. How do you feel with a 5D3 in your hands? better, worst or just different from the D700?

I shot 80,000 frames on my D300 (UI very similar to D700) before switching to the 5D3.

In general I prefer the Nikon UI -- for me, it has a more analog-style, direct-connected feel. I like little touches like two-button memory card reformat, top LCD display of AF point selection, the quick momentary button access to ISO, WB and QUAL, etc.

That said, I like Canon's page-oriented menus better, vs Nikon's scroll-oriented style. Canon's C1-C3 custom functions are better, quickly recalling a global camera configuration.

Each UI has its own pros and cons. Whatever camera you have, you eventually get used to the UI, then don't think about it.

Thank you for sharing your experience!

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