Some advice on speedlights need please - Nissin/Canon/Yongnuo

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Re: Some advice on speedlights need please - Nissin/Canon/Yongnuo

Thanks for your replies - I appreciate them, and I hate it when dp crashes!

I should have made clear that if I invest in the Canon system, it will be one flash for the time being and I will be adding a second unit + ST-E3 later on some time. So I intend to make it Canon sxclusively, but I wondered if for the time being I could have a dual flash setup with my Nissin while I wait to save up for the rest of the Canon setup.

So I agree, the Nissin + one 600EX isn't ideal, but it is either buy another Nissin flash + Cactus trigger now and maybe add another Nissin later on, or start to invest in the Canon setup, but it will be slower so I will learn the capabilities of Nissin + 600EX for now, and look forward to an exclusive 600EX setup down the track.

Am upgrading to 5D3 + lenses, so I can't afford to buy more than one 600EX right now.

ScratchDisk wrote:


" ... if I have the Nissin 622 with my Cactus triggers, will the Canon 600 fire oprically from the Nissin? ... "

Actually, it can be possible to make an optical Canon Wireless link work even when the Canon master is itself being driven (in M) by a simple (manual only) RF link. But, even if you got that to work, I would not recommend doing so. First you lose ETTL & HSS etc, but then even in M mode both units incurr a timing penalty, so your max sync speed would drop 2 clicks at least. Far better just to buy a second Cactus Rx ie one for each off cam speedlite.

" ... how would I go working out which power settings to have the Canon 600 and Nissin 622 at exact same power? Is this easily done? Or a trial and error thing? ... "

Basically you could estimate from their Guide Numbers (specifying; iso, m or ft, speedlite zoom setting - and - if necessary, allowing for light modifiers). Then tune with an external incident flashmeter.

Overall, I would advise rethinking your whole setup from scratch, focussing on need/task. Canon's RT system is designed to be self-contained and excludes other kit/tech. What it does, it does very well. Cheers, Donald

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Cheers, Daniel

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