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Re: 5DMKIII - Basketball and settings

OK so I am a little disappointed in the lack of responses. BUT, that made me get off my backside and go figure it all out for myself.

A fair bit of research and another practice session has me yearning to do more. Sadly my next session will be the big one, the NSW Country U16 tournament which my son Josh will be competing in and the reason I brought forward the purchase of my camera and lens. I ahve been charged with getting enough good shots of the entire team to make a photo book as a gift to the team. no pressure!

So right now I am still determining things and still very much learning how to actually shoot outside the camera settings issues. Choice of court position for various perspectives without becoming a serial pest to the umpires for example! Also what to focus on, who and HOW. Such as fast game and unpredictable.

If it helps anyone else, I have found that so far two techniques have worked best.

1. Trap and shoot - as in be patient, wait for the situation you want at the spot you want. Leave the camera in AI Servo and use the back focus concept (basically preset the focus at the spot the action will occur. In basketball the same plays happen over and over. With this one, you have to be prepared to accept there will be other action you simply let go, miss and THAT IS OK

2. Pick a player and stick with him. Keep the AI servo working hard and just follow that player. You will get a better "story" of that player this way.

I would like to add that it is not all about action shots. It may seem obvious but the emotions are actually far more captivating to the audience most of the time. intesity, focus and drive, passion, sweat and tears. All far more compelling than the caught mid air shot IMHO

Right that is it for me... Thanks to those that helped me in other threads in equipment selection.

Oh settings? Simple really - AI Servo, spot focus, action tracking setting of 4 and 5 depending on what i want. Auto ISO worked well and with WB set to the court lighting, shutter 1/640 and finally I found that f2.5 was a better all round aperture.


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