Anyone had S100 with fluttering/woodpecker sounds in video?

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Re: Anyone had S100 with fluttering/woodpecker sounds in video?

Call the canon 800 #. Then ask for a supervisor. Tell the supervisor you are exhausted with the answers and repairs that are not helping and ask for someone in corporate/product manager/ etc. They can should connect you then.

But, I just got a call back from the corporate people. They seem genuinely interested in helping. They are actually going to look at this forum and check out the posted YouTube video and compare that with a number or different s100s they have in their offices.

I honestly think they have a software/hardware issue with this camera especially since people have said the s95 didn't have this issue. If not, there is a huge batch of bad s100s out there. So, stay tuned. I'm hoping to get a "fix" for everyone with this video problem.

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