Upgraded to a 5DIII from a D700

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Re: What if a 24mp FF D600 is released?

Mazevision wrote:

I could switch to canon for its 5D3 too, the specs are just about perfect, but I much prefer the Nikon ergonomy. How do you feel with a 5D3 in your hands? better, worst or just different from the D700?

I shot 80,000 frames on my D300 (UI very similar to D700) before switching to the 5D3.

In general I prefer the Nikon UI -- for me, it has a more analog-style, direct-connected feel. I like little touches like two-button memory card reformat, top LCD display of AF point selection, the quick momentary button access to ISO, WB and QUAL, etc.

That said, I like Canon's page-oriented menus better, vs Nikon's scroll-oriented style. Canon's C1-C3 custom functions are better, quickly recalling a global camera configuration.

Each UI has its own pros and cons. Whatever camera you have, you eventually get used to the UI, then don't think about it.

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