One photo for HDR?

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Re: Sometimes called a "pseudo-HDR"

brucet wrote:

For me a single 16 bit tiff into Photomatix is much easier than doing all the work in PSPx4. You still need to 'fiddle' in PSPx4 but the Photomatix step will give you a better result. (Not talking gothic or realism here). ...

All single 16-bit tiffs are not created equal for further HDR tweaking. For this purpose it is important how much of the input DR range is left in the tiff. Old-fashioned raw converters like NX only do conventional post-processing & do not do DR compression, while their output DR is typically restricted to display DR. Their philosophy is that a raw converter should convert raw data, while whatever post-processing is better done in PS or wherever. They are specialised in producing good images from shots made in good light.
Once DR is cut, you can't get it back, you can only tonemap whatever remains.

You simply can't beat specialised tools such as HDR programs.

Fancy converters like Adobe and DxO do include some DR-compression postprocessing, and are able to put more of the input DR through. They have borrowed some tech from HDR programs. They are not as good at HDR, but they are still pretty useful with very little effort, and they do let you access all DR stored in the NEF.

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