4/3 for wildlife

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Re: G3 Sounds good

Intriguing, because I also used the smaller centre AF box. One thing I discovered is that if it doesn't like the target it increases the box size, and I think that's when it goes awry.

I took a photo of a dog, which had black and white markings on its neck, and it didn't focus at all on the dog!! It doesn't appear to like black and white markings - herons of course have black and white feathers on their neck - and seems to ignore them.

I also tried the "tracking" focus. That seems to do its own thing totally, and once it's found something it wants to focus on, it's the very devil to get it away from that point!

I went to my camera shop with it this morning to compare with a 550D, and showed the technical guy what it was doing; he was astonished, to say the least! Interesting to note that the G3 has a proper spot metering arrangement, whereas the G2 does not. But I'm not prepared to take the risk of buying a G3, and the G2 is going to depart next week. It's a shame, because I like the lenses, and when I manage to get a good shot, it produces very sharp results.

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