issues with non-glare acrylic

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Robert Snow Contributing Member • Posts: 994
Why not go naked?

I have tried various things over many years, and have tested longevity when displaying prints in different ways.

My conclusion is still a work in progress, but at present I favor one of the good sprays...four light coats, each coat at 90 degrees to the previous coat...then framed without glass or acrylic. I also sometimes hang an image (mounted on gatorfoam) without a frame. Not a perfect solution, but spraying helps longevity and eliminates gloss differential.

I let the prints "cure" for 2-3 weeks before spraying and wait for humidity below 50% and moderate temperatures (I spray in my garage). I use either Premier's Print Shield or Hahnemuhle Protective Spray.

I currently dry mount my prints on gatorfoam (not cheap), but this really gives the prints a finished look and so long as you mount at low temps, I have found little or no problem with longevity.

Of course, I print no larger than 16 x 2x. The dry mounting alone could run into some cash if you don't have a large press and do your own.

That is about it. I have tried the high end glass and acrylic, and between their cost and the cost of a good frame, it just becomes overwhelming moneywise. Of course, this is a hobby for me so cost does matter.

When company comes, they always zero in on the images that have no glass. I think the pure image without cover just looks better.

Just my thoughts...

bob snow

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